Hey there! My name is Heba and I am 23 years old with a biochemistry degree from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  I’m also a research technician studying the inflammatory effects of PM2.5 on human epithelial lung cells.  I previously worked on Alzheimer’s Disease! I’ve always wanted to become a scientist since I was very young.

I’m just an average person always trying to improve myself so, in a way, you and I have something in common.  When I made my Instagram not too long ago, my goal was not to become “famous” or to become an “Instagram model” and I still stand by that.  My goal is to simply share my personal development, to help inspire others, and to share some science-based information on exercise and nutrition.

Getting into fitness and working on my self-image has really helped me in getting past a lot of difficulties in my life.  Although I am not completely there yet, I’m unquestionably taking the right steps to get there and you should too.

By becoming more self-confident, I am able to connect more with the world, be open about my growth, and meet amazing people. I don’t plan on seeking a career in fitness because I see myself in the STEM field and contributing to help us understand more about diseases. Despite this, I will always help people achieve their goals on the side.

I want to see your progress and be by your side watching you develop a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.  I plan on pushing you into a fitter work ethic so that you can build the commitment and enthusiasm that you need to continue succeeding, even after you’re done with my customized meal plans and my workout guides.