Booty Bundle


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This bundle includes my “Eating Made Easy” cookbook and “Guide to Greater Glutes” guide at a discounted bundle. This bundle exactly what you need to get your dream body while still eating delicious foods.

Your diet may be what’s holding you back from achieving your dream body! Diet is more important than exercise when it comes to building quality lean muscle mass.

What you put in your body becomes a part of you and gets integrated into your cells. Don’t you want the best quality foods and the optimal amount of nutrients to build your body? Of course, you do.

If you’re having a hard time eating enough, eating clean, getting your nutrients, or coming up with meal ideas, this cookbook will solve those problems. Most people give up on eating healthy because they find that they’re eating the same foods over and over again. The recipes are so diverse in this cookbook to guarantee that you don’t run into that problem.

The Guide to Greater Glutes is a 12-week intensive gym-based lower body workout plan. It is designed to help you build the muscle mass you’ve always wanted while gaining strength throughout the process.

This plan is great for:

  • Beginners
  • Experienced lifters
  • People looking to lose fat, gain muscle, or both

Product Includes:

  • Two structured glute days a week
  • One structured leg day a week
  • Two structured core strengthening days a week
  • Access to a private Instagram page with all the workouts
  • An interactive, downloadable 65-page PDF file
  • Nutritional information
  • Exercise tips
  • Instructions on how to calculate macronutrients fit for your goal
  • Clickable table of contents to allow easier navigation through the guide
  • Clickable logo on each page to bring you back to the table of contents

You MUST have access to a gym equipped with common machines and free-weight. Gyms like Planet Fitness will not work.

To get access to the Instagram page, go to page two of the guide for directions. You must send your proof of purchase to the private Instagram account Workoutsbyheba, not my personal account Protein_babe.

The ebook will be a downloadable file that you can access through your account here. Please give me some time to process your order. The clickable table of contents and the interactive portions of the guides only work if you upload the ebook to your Dropbox app, open it in the Apple PDF viewer, or open it with the Adobe Acrobat Reader app. The links also work in chrome on a laptop. Otherwise, it can be opened anywhere since it is a PDF but the links may not work.

To download the PDF file, go under your account and click on “downloads”. Any file you purchase should be there!

Make sure you are connected to Wifi as the Ebook is over 100 MB.