Neuroscience Holiday Ornaments


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These great neuroscience gifts are easy to hang up in the office or at home! Cut your own photo to size and show your best connections!  ALSO AVAILABLE ON ETSY!

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Celebrate the holidays in scientific style with these Neuroscience Holiday Ornaments!  Simply put in a picture of your favorite connections for a science-themed celebration. These nerdy picture frames are sure to impress your nerdiest friends, family, or colleagues.

Neuroscience Holiday Ornaments are 3D Printed and hand assembled with care. Sturdy, vibrant, and just the right size for a desk accent, holiday ornament, or light string! These great neuroscience gifts are easy to hang up in the office, on a tree, or anywhere at home!

Currently available in Holiday Wreath (Red/Green).  BUY NOW ON ETSY!

Inner Picture Frame Dimensions:

Height: 2″

Width: 2.2″

Shipping & Packaging

All orders are packaged with 100% recycled materials from EcoEnclose and shipped with a carbon neutral carrier.  


About Straight from a Scientist and Print Me Sideways

These neuron picture frame holiday ornaments were designed and produced made through a collaboration with Print Me Sideways, a 3D printing consortium.  3D printing leverages technology to save on plastic use compared to other manufacturing methods.  Plus, it’s fun and easily customizable!  Check them out at @printmesideways on Instagram!

The Science Behind the Neuron Picture Frame

A neuroscience gift that gives back: Each neuroframe comes with a FREE and EASY QR access code to Web Games about the brain and more.

Neurons are the primary communication cell in your brain, and the most special part about the nervous system. They can come in all shapes and sizes, and specialize in various jobs such as movement, memory, or mood.  Neurons form a synapse, or a communication bridge, between each other.  But neurons don’t work alone! Each synapse is carefully curated by astrocytes, while the whole brain is guarded by microglia and supplied by the blood vessels.  Go to or @straightfromascientist on Instagram to learn more!

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